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by saltwaterdaughters

Hello hello! Welcome to Saltwater Daughters.



We’re two sisters living in the beautiful province of Newfoundland, Canada!  This is our little slice of the internet where we can keep track of our creations, food and otherwise. We were born procrastinators and are hoping this will keep us on schedule.  What’s that?  YOU TOO?!  Well, we were hoping you weren’t like us, and could hold us accountable… but if you are, tag along for the ride and rest assured nothing here is too complicated!  You will find lots of food, crafts, diy gardening and home design ideas – all of which we managed to finish, which means you can too!!!


The early years

As you (hopefully) know, Newfoundland is an island, and that separates us partly from the rest of the world and limits what resources we have available at any given time.  Bummer, right?  Well, Newfoundlanders are known for using what’s available to them; n’ar a ting gets wasted!  So, you will see influences of our home in our recipes and design sense.  Be creative with us, drop us a line and let us know what you want to see.  Come on in, we’ll put the kettle on! ☕️


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