This past June, Nicole and I took a little minibreak to explore Twillingate, a little town nestled in Notre Dame Bay, along the north coast of the province. Spoiler alert…good times were had.   Once an important centre of industry for the commercial fishery, Twillingate retains it’s outport charm, though tourism now plays an […]

How to Spend Three Quality Days in Tuscany

  Ahh Tuscany. You can never set aside too much time to spend in this beautiful region. From the sun kissed, rolling hills to the bustling city of Florence, there is something on offer for every kind of traveler. Read along to hear our suggestions of  how to spend three quality days in Tuscany. This […]

How to Use Italian Public Transportation

  Learning how to use Italian public transportation as a tourist may seem intimidating at first, especially if you do not speak the language. I’m going to share with you all you need to know before your trip. My trip to Italy certainly came with some bumps in the road (Yes, that’s a transportation pun…sorry). […]

How to Visit Cinque Terre the RIGHT way

  Cinque Terre is a very popular destination in Italy, with no shortage of articles written about the place.  Because of this, it is often crowded with tourists and hard to get around.  So we are here to help you learn how to visit Cinque Terre the RIGHT way.  Translated from Italian, “cinque terre” means […]

Milan by Foot: 5 Things to See & Do in a Day

  Before the melancholy of vacation withdrawal sets in, I’m here to share how I recently spent two weeks in Italy. First stop: Milan. We only spent one full day in Milan, so that’s all you’re getting folks! A one day walking itinerary (sort of) to help you plan your trip. While traveling by car […]

The Fogo Island Inn – A Newfoundlander’s Experience

  Ever since the Fogo Island Inn opened it’s doors to the public back in 2013, I’ve dreamed of staying there.  The building and interior design are stunning, and the social and economic values of the Inn are to be admired.  I hoped one day I’d stay at the inn, I just didn’t think it’d […]

3 Days in San Francisco – An Outsiders Guide – PART 2

If you missed our post last week, I shared a few travel tips for San Francisco.   We covered where to stay, how to get around and a few recommended restaurants to check out.  Well today,  we are delving into how Josh and I spent our days!   I hope you’ll be able to gather some ideas […]

3 Days in San Francisco – An Outsiders Guide – PART 1

  Ahh, San Francisco.  The “other” foggy city is by far one of my most favourite travel destinations.  It’s a gem, even if the weather is a little too much like home, but maybe that’s part of the draw?  It also doesn’t hurt that on both occasions I’ve traveled there, the locals were extremely friendly […]

The Weekend Getaway: Tips and Tricks for Efficient Packing

Back in June I had an amazing weekend trip to San Francisco, and though it was only short, we managed to cram in a lot (post on that coming soon!!).  Having only gone for a few days I had to be mindful of how I packed, so I thought I’d create a basic guide for packing for short trips…