The Gin Caesar

I still remember when my friend introduced me to a Caesar made with gin instead of vodka.  Let me tell you, it was game changing. 

3 Days in San Francisco – An Outsiders Guide – PART 1

  Ahh, San Francisco.  The “other” foggy city is by far one of my most favourite travel destinations.  It’s a gem, even if the weather is a little too much like home, but maybe that’s part of the draw?  It also doesn’t hurt that on both occasions I’ve traveled there, the locals were extremely friendly […]

Sweet And Spicy Pickled Beans

Print   Fall often brings about an attempt to preserve summer’s fresh fruits and vegetables so they can be enjoyed all year round.  Whether it’s by making jam, freezing goodies or by pickling vegetables, it’s certainly something oft practiced in Newfoundland.  Enter these sweet and spicy pickled beans.  Taken fresh from the garden and pickled […]

The Ultimate Pizza Margherita on Beer Dough

PIZZA PIZZA!  Pizza Margherita to be exact.  I mean, who doesn’t love pizza?  If you don’t, we can’t be friends.  Just kidding, but kind of not…If you do love pizza, read on, because I happen to have the BEST pizza dough to share with you today.  There’s beer in it.  It’s delicious.

Fresh Tomato Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce made with fresh tomatoes.  That’s right, time to stop using store bought pizza sauce and make your own . It’s so easy to make and freeze-able for a quick supper some other time!  Not to mention the flavour is 100 times better.

DIY | Dried Flower Fall Wreaths – On the Cheap!

Two weeks ago, Katherine and I perused our backyard, picking wildflowers, herbs and grasses that we could use in some fall arrangements.  Today we are sharing how you can do the same, with DIY Fall wreaths made from homemade dried flowers.

Simple Cherry Tomato Galette

  Is there anything better than cherry tomatoes in peak season?  I honestly don’t think so.   Except maybe when combined with puff pastry – my favourite trick for an impressive looking but ultimately simple dish.     Look at those pretty colours.  End of summer doesn’t have to be sad when you have this […]

Earl Grey Whiskey Sour

This earl grey whiskey sour is everything you want in a drink.  If I seem like I’m boasting about it, that’s because I am. It truly is a delicious drink.  No one who has tried it hasn’t enjoyed it.

Roasted Peach Kale Salad

Hey guys, Nicole with you today!  On Saturday I was in Corner Brook and stopped into the country market on O’Connell Drive.  I picked up some really fresh local veggies, including the largest bunch of kale I’d ever seen (for $2), and some peaches from Nova Scotia.  I wanted to make a salad with the kale and came up with this roasted peach and kale salad.