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Embracing winter – Stay active this winter by snowshoeing

by saltwaterdaughters


Well, we’re almost halfway through January already.  For a province that spends half the year in a frozen state, we sure do like to complain about it.  Maybe we have a right to, but we’ve decided not to dwell on the negative and instead we’re embracing the positive.  So today we’re going to share how you can stay active with snowshoeing during winter.  Even though it pretty much all just melted with the rain storm, we all know it will be back!


Katherine and I aren’t the most active people ever, but we have to get off the couch sometimes!    No secret, but I’m not a big fan of gyms, I much prefer spending my time outside walking or hiking.  Gyms also come with a price tag a lot of people can’t afford.  That’s why getting outside is so great for everyone!  Fresh air is good for the lungs, exercise is good for the heart, and nature is good for the brain.



How much does it cost?


It varies, but the thing to remember is it’s a one time cost.  You’ve got them until they’ve worn out or break. Which if they’re a good pair, shouldn’t be any time soon.  Most snowshoes range in price from $70-$300 (children’s around $50).  Mine are a cheap pair I got at Canadian tire for around $70 and they work great.  Check in your local stores or purchase online if there’s a good deal.  A second hand pair, or even homemade ones can sometimes be found on Kijiji or NL classifieds, so check there first.  If you are feeling really adventurous, check out the hundreds of videos on Youtube on how to make your own snowshoes!


Where should you go for a walk?


That depends on where you live!  If you live in a city, parks are a great place to go for a snowshoe.  No need to stick to a trail either, because that can get compacted and icy if it gets walked regularly.  Cut across the park, walk under trees, do what you want!  If you live in a rural part of Newfoundland and Labrador, it’s not hard to find some woods to hike in.  But be sure to stick to trails that are well marked, or that you’re familiar with.  It’s okay to go through the woods if you know your location well (like we do behind our house), but getting lost is no joke.  Take a cell phone and/or GPS with you just in case and make sure someone knows where you are going and when to expect you back.


How do I know what size snowshoes to buy?


I’m not going to go into great detail here, this article explains it better than I can, but most are based on weight.  They’ll have a maximum recommended load, so be sure to check this before purchasing.  You can also buy based on the type of terrain you will be walking on, but ones designed for flat terrain is best for beginners.



So what makes snowshoeing so great?


Anyone who lives in a northern climate can attest to how simultaneously amazing and awful winter can be.  Not embracing the weather for what it is, and brooding on how many times you’ve had to clear the driveway lately  (guilty), can certainly put a damper on what is often a long season.  Snowshoeing is a relatively inexpensive way to experience what winter has to offer.   It delivers you to a world that can only be described as magical.


Beautiful terrain, carpeted in a sparkling white blanket of snow…we are so fortunate to have access to a wilderness that others can only dream of.  Why take it for granted?  Walking under trees, their branches laden with snow, and hearing only the crunch of snow beneath your feet and nothing else is an experience I relish.  And I hope you will to.

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