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Free Newfoundland Valentine’s Day Cards

by saltwaterdaughters


Hey guys!  Katherine and I decided to create Newfoundland themed Valentine cards AND offer the print-offs for free!  We think they turned out pretty cute.  And the best part?  All you need is a printer, some matte photo printer paper and sharp scissors to make your own.  So get ready to send your friend or lover a cute Valentine’s day card this year!




Okay, can we diverge from topic for just a second?  I just need to say how grateful I am today, that I live next to my parents and that dad owns a tractor (with snow blower attachment).  The snow we got last night was the most we’ve probably had all winter.  I had to drive to work at 2 in the morning on uncleared roads.  That was fun.  It was super beautiful this morning though, and I know Marble was in desperate need of some snow, so it’s not all bad.



Alright, back to the cards.  We hope you like them as much as we do, and they look better in person than on the screen.  The printer I used isn’t the best, and they still turned out really well.  Only the heads of the ducks differed really from the actual picture.  Katherine and I did watercolours, scanned them into the computer, fixed the colour, created the cards…it took a while.  So I hope at least one person prints them off besides me…



We used Canon matte photo paper, you can get it at Staples or the Source for between $11-15 for 50 sheets.  Way more than you need, but hopefully they’ll come in handy again.

Here are the two pdf files for the cards: Yer Some Sweet Valentine (2)   and    Me Duckie Valentine (2)

Happy Valentine’s day guys!!


Footnote: The artwork was created for your personal use only.  If you want to share our cards on your website, please link back to this page! Thanks guys:)

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