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The Firepit – Cookout & Decor Inspiration

by saltwaterdaughters

Hi Everyone,


Finally, Spring has arrived in Newfoundland!!  There was some late  season snow that knocked us in the teeth, but we’re back on the rebound after a lot of rain, and now comes the warm weather! (fingers crossed, knock on wood & all the rest).  It’s been a busy few weeks for us but we’ve got big plans for this summer, including a good few nights spent around Nicole’s new brick firepit with a cocktail or two (or three) and some grilled goodies!  So today we’re sharing our firepit cookout & decor inspiration.


Last summer, we spent a lot of time building a DIY firepit in Nicole’s backyard.  We sourced some used brick from local classified ads, researched different mortar types, ordered firebrick for the inside, followed by paint for the firebrick when we didn’t like the colour…literally digging up some slate for the top from Dad’s property!  It was a process, to say the least.   By the time we finished all that work, the warm weather was gone and we had nary a fire on a warm summer’s night to speak of.   Well that all changes this year!   We’ve got big plans, I tell ya.  (Stay tuned the next few weeks for some photos of the big reveal, and some killer recipes for the grill)


So here’s our plan.   We’ve got it boiled down to 5 main ingredients to a successful campfire cookout night.

  1. Drinks and some way to hold them.  Because…well, priorities. What’s better than a cold jalapeno margarita on a warm night?
  2. Solar Lighting.  For mood, and also so you don’t trip and fall on your way to light the fire.  Especially if you’ve been into the margaritas already.
  3. Comfortable Seating.  Well you’re not gonna just stand there are ya?  Might as well head down to the beach if you don’t mind sitting on a bumpy old log (never mind sand in your shoes).
  4. Grilltop for your firepit.  For when you want to expand beyond hotdogs and marshmallows.
  5. Nice Weather.  Optional.  This is Newfoundland so we will take what we can get, even if it just means “not raining”



We looked to Wayfair for inspiration (not sponsored), because they’ve got a wide range of products and ship free(!) across Canada.  Find everything pictured here → (1. Enamel Beer Ice Bucket) (2. 2-Piece Drink Dispenser) (3. Solar String Lights) (4.  Solid Wood Adirondack Chair) (5.  Heavy Duty Swivel Grilltop). Also, because it’s been too cold and snowy/rainy/miserable for an actual fire yet, all photo credit for this post to the original photographers (Pinterest heros, whomever you might be – drop us a line and we’ll credit you specifically!).

Do you have any secrets to a perfect campfire cookout?   Let us know in the comments below!


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