Office Makeover Part 1 – Inspiration

Hey guys!  Sorry we missed a post this week….it’s been a rough one.  Nicole got into a little fender bender (luckily, it hurt her pride and car only) and I’ve been battling a nasty cold.  But we’re on the mend, and so we’re taking it easy this week with a little inspiration post for Nicole’s office  makeover that’s underway (photos coming soon, we promise!)

We’ve been painting today, and it might just be the fumes, but we’re feeling pretty good about it so far!  Nicole chose a soft mint for the walls, with accents of pink and more dramatic greens as well.   We want it to feel inspiring since it will be a craft/office/prop room.

We are aiming for a bit of modern design and traditional Newfoundland design.  The latter is usually quirky, simple and often resourceful.  If you visit any museums in Newfoundland, you will see what we mean.  Old furniture can be given new life with a coat of bright paint.  Some people even designed and built their own furniture with whatever they had on hand.

We’ve collected a few pictures down below to help inspire us.






So what do you think?  We are going to have dad build a bookshelf for us in a part of the wall that is recessed.  We’re thinking some pegboard and we already have a shelf that was in the room painted a pale pink colour.  Really excited to have an appropriate place to put all the junk Nicole has accumulated over the years.

Got any ideas for us? leave us a comment below!

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